Bachelor degree

Our institute offers education for Hungarian and international students a choice of degrees including bachelor (BA) programmes in History and History-Archeology as well as master courses (MA) in History and in teacher accreditation in History.

The BA programme in History consists of a one-semester-long basic (introductory) stage, then a main and a specialising set of courses (the latter from the third semester). Our students can specialise in archival or museum studies but they can also choose courses from the lectures and seminars of one of the other institutes in our faculty as well as pedadogical courses. Beside a comprehensive knowledge in Hungarian and universal history, the BA programme in History-Archeology provides a large scale of theoretical fields and comprises four weeks of excavation practice. Both BA programmes end with the writing and defending of a thesis and qualify our students to follow their education at MA level.

The MA programme in History consists of two years and after the first semester the students choose specialising in modern and contemporary social history and military history. The two-year-long teaching accreditation programme in History prepares students in teaching at secondary schools.

The standard of education at the Institute of History is recurringly evaluated at the highest level within the Hungarian system of higher education due to the academic qualification of our teaching staff.

Non 'Bologna conform' teacher education program

From 2013 onwards, students with secondary school final exams can gain a teachers' degree only in the 'undivided', i.e. non 'Bologna system-conform', structure of teacher education.

Our university courses last 10 and 12 semesters for prospective teachers in primary and secondary schools, respectively. In both cases, students are supposed to participate at the end of their training in a two-semester (continuous) teaching practice in one of the public educational institutions.

MA degree

Within the Bologna system, after the graduation at the six-semester BA in History, students can continue their studies at MA in History. During the four-semester education, the students gain 120 credits while they acquire a deeper knowledge in various fields of history. The MA degree qualifies them to get a job in several fields in humanities and social sciences where high-level knowledge in history is required.

Beside the general historical subjects a choice of three specialisations is offered:
Social history
Military history (with a practice in Museum studies)
Early modern Hungarian history

The MA in History degree is available both in a full-time and part-time base. We select students in an oral exam. Part-time education is to fit the working hours of our students therefore we set courses for them in Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

MA degree for History teacher

Within the Bologna system, after the graduation at the six-semester BA in History, students can continue their studies at MA in Teaching of History. The former, one-cycle system of higher education distinguished college and university level of teacher education preparing teachers for primary and secondary schools, respectively. By contrast, the current system provides prospective teachers in primary and secondary schools with the same degree. MA in Teaching of History is available for anyone with a college level degree in History, with a BA in History or with a minor of 50 credits.

During the education, students gain both academic knowledge in history and theoretical and methodological (practical) skills in teaching. The education lasts for 2-5 semester (depending on previous degrees). The Bologna system of MAs in Teaching are open to applicants until 2016. From September 2013 onwards, MA degrees in Teaching are available in the 'undivided', i.e. non Bologna system-conform, structure within which prospective teachers of primary and secondary schools are educated in 10 and 12 semesters, respectively.